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Podcast Interview: Discussion of Fatherhood, Wild Nature Play, and Education

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

It was an honor to be on the Wake.Dad.Drink.Repeat podcast at the end of the year. We discussed topics most near and dear to my heart: Fatherhood, Wild Nature Play, and Education.

The purpose of the show, hosted by two buddies Anthony Palmer and Mike Smith, is to discuss what it is to be “Today’s Dad.” Each show starts off with the guest’s answer to this question. See my answer here:

Discernment. My answer compares the duties of today’s father with the fathers of yesterday. True to the show’s other theme of sharing a drink together, I used a trip to the beer store as a metaphor.

While I love the variety that life and store shelves offer, I often find myself overwhelmed. There are so many variables to consider when even making a beer purchase. Style, ABV, cost, brand, to name a few. I often find myself pacing the aisles longer than I would like when trying to pick up a simple six-pack. Compare this to 30 or 40 years ago when there were fewer brands and the choice and selection become much easier.

Parents today are also faced with an onslaught of choices every day. What food do we eat? What video do we watch? Do we even watch videos? If so, how much time is appropriate? What classes do we sign up for? What type of school is best for my child? What is the best way to spend our time?

The choices can feel daunting at times. The call for our attention and dollars can become overwhelming. The pressure to make the “right” choice can be anxiety-inducing. There is much discernment needed to choose how and why families spend their time and dollars.

I don’t propose to have all the answers to these questions. In fact, each family should make their own choices, independent of too much outside input. But I do have a strong belief in the benefit of nature connection. Wild Nature Play is a call to remember that time in nature is a healthy way to spend our precious moments together.

Please take some time to listen to the full interview here.

Within you will also hear a further discussion about the origins of Wild Nature Play, my path into education, and some thoughts about the opportunity COVID has presented about the way we look at public education.

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