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 Boulder Dads

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  1. We believe dads must be involved in changing the world for our children and not just breadwinners and passive bystanders.

  2. We believe dads must get better at telling their stories to pass down their wisdom to their children, but just as importantly, to share with one another so that future dads don’t stumble through the same mistakes (and so they get the good dad-jokes memorized!)

  3. We believe a diverse community makes every dad stronger and more capable of tackling the developmental milestones, joys, and struggles that are in store.

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About Boulder Dads 

Boulder Dads is a group of dads who believe that raising children is easier and more enjoyable with community. We meet on average two times a month in the Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Broomfield area.


The group gathers for monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of the month and seasonal activities that are open to the whole family. The goal is to strengthen relationships with other fathers in order to support strong relationships within our families.


The chapter meetings offer an open dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere in order to discuss topics specific to fatherhood. Topics might include creating a vision for the relationships we want with our children, understanding child development and milestones, and working through tantrums or other behavior issues.


While the monthly groups are only open to fathers, there will also be seasonal activities for children and partners to join. In the past we have offered trips to the farm to visit the animals, crawdad catching lessons at the creek, children’s storytelling events, and potluck dinners.


Taking parenting seriously doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. In fact, that is the priority. We hope to gather together in a light-hearted way in order to create the space and trust to speak about topics that aren’t always brought up amongst our friends and family.


Who is a “father?”

The definition of “father” and “dad” continue to develop and broaden. The Boulder Dads Fathering Together chapter meetings are open to all adult male primary or significant caregivers, including, birth fathers, stepfathers, partners, grandfathers, guardians, adult mentors, etc.

Meet your hosts

Norris and Paul have been gathering together to talk about life since their daughters were one. After realizing they wanted to take these discussions deeper, they thought a formal men's group would be of interest to others. Turns out, it was.

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